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Top 10 Insurance Companies in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's insurance market is diverse and competitive, offering a range of products including life insurance, travel insurance, health insurance, and car insurance. Here are the top 10 insurance companies in Sri Lanka, based on the latest statistics:

  1. Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation (SLIC): Leading the market, SLIC reported a combined Gross Written Premium (GWP) of LKR 43 billion in 2021, with significant contributions from both life insurance (LKR 21.9 billion) and general insurance (LKR 21.2 billion)​.

  2. Ceylinco Insurance PLC: Known for its robust portfolio in both life and general insurance, Ceylinco Insurance consistently ranks among the top due to its comprehensive product offerings and strong financial performance.

  3. Union Assurance PLC: A major player in the life insurance sector, Union Assurance has a strong reputation for customer service and innovative products tailored to the Sri Lankan market​.

  4. Allianz Insurance Lanka Ltd: This global insurer has a strong presence in Sri Lanka, offering a wide range of insurance products including life, travel, health, and car insurance​.

  5. AIA Insurance Lanka Ltd: Focused primarily on life insurance, AIA Insurance has been a leader in promoting healthy living and wellness among its policyholders through various initiatives​.

  6. Janashakthi Insurance PLC: With a well-established presence in both life and general insurance, Janashakthi is known for its innovative insurance solutions and strong customer focus​.

  7. Softlogic Life Insurance PLC: Softlogic Life is recognized for its rapid growth and innovative approach to life insurance, catering to a younger demographic with digital solutions​.

  8. HNB Assurance PLC: Offering both life and general insurance, HNB Assurance is known for its comprehensive range of products and strong financial stability​.

  9. Fairfirst Insurance Limited: Specializing in general insurance, Fairfirst is a key player in the car and health insurance sectors, known for its customer-centric approach and efficient claim settlements​.

  10. Orient Insurance Limited: Focused on general insurance, Orient Insurance provides a variety of products including car and health insurance, with a reputation for reliable service and customer satisfaction.

These companies not only dominate the market but also set high standards for the industry through their financial strength, innovative products, and commitment to customer service. Whether you are looking for life insurance, travel insurance, health insurance, or car insurance, these insurers offer reliable options to meet your needs.


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