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Sands Active Pvt Ltd

Sands Active Pvt Ltd
Mahavidhyalaya mawatha
Colombo 1
Sri Lanka.


Products / Services Range
Pharmaceutical manufacture

Sands Active Pvt Ltd, established in 2018, is a young and innovative pharmaceutical manufacturing company in Sri Lanka. A subsidiary of Melwa, the company aims to provide high-quality, affordable medicines to the local market and beyond. They have partnered with the State Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Corporation (SPMC) to enhance healthcare accessibility and cost-efficiency.

Sands Active is currently setting up a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility equipped with the latest technology. This facility will produce a range of pharmaceutical products, including oral tablets, capsules, injectable liquid syrups, and small volume parenterals. The company's dedication to research and development ensures continuous innovation and adherence to international quality standards, such as WHO CGMP regulations.

The company's mission is to improve Sri Lanka's healthcare landscape and enrich the lives of its people. By focusing on honesty, integrity, and strong relationships with healthcare professionals and centers, Sands Active is positioning itself as a major player in both the local and global pharmaceutical markets​


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