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Bus Time Table Sri Lanka

Find all the Private  and SLTB (CTB) bus timetables. Get all the bus schedules for all the bus services in private and SLTB (CTB) bus operators in Sri Lanka. Please note that this is a volunteer service and some informations published here may have subjected to changed. If there is any changes or if any information needs to be included, please let us know.

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Bus Time Table Sri Lanka
Bus Time Table Sri Lanka

Find all the Private and SLTB (CTB) Bus Timetables in Sri Lanka

Are you looking for bus schedules in Sri Lanka? Here's a comprehensive guide to finding all the bus schedules for private and SLTB (CTB) bus operators in Sri Lanka.

Private Bus Operators

Private bus operators in Sri Lanka offer a wide range of routes and schedules. To find the timetables for private bus services, you can visit the official websites of the bus companies or use online platforms that provide bus schedule information.

SLTB (CTB) Bus Services

The Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB), also known as the CTB, operates a large number of bus services across the country. You can find the timetables for SLTB (CTB) buses at bus terminals or inquire about them from SLTB (CTB) offices.

Online Bus Booking and Ticket Booking

For convenience, many bus operators in Sri Lanka offer online bus booking services. You can book bus tickets online through various platforms and websites. Some popular online bus booking platforms in Sri Lanka include [platform names]. These platforms provide easy access to bus schedules, ticket prices, and seat availability.


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