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How to Obtain a Certificates of Street line

Street line certificate is asked from financial institution when giving a loan. A certificate of street line can be obtained by the pradeshiya sabha. The important of this certificate is that the pradeshiya sabha is empowered to take action on building constructed by violating the street line. 


  • The building concern should be located with in the area of authority of pradeshiya sabha.
  • Such property should be registered in the property assessment register. 

Steps of obtaining a Certificates of Street line

  • An application form can be obtain from the assessment section of the pradeshiya sabha office on the payment of Rs. 379.00
  • The application should be submitted together with the original of the plan of the land and additional two copies.
  • It should be confirm that the application has paid all taxes. License fees and other relevant payments with out any arrears. 
  • If there are any payments in arrears they should be settled. 
  • Street lines will be marked in the originals and duplicates of the plan submitted by the applicant and there after a certificate of street line will be issued.


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