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Genting Dream In Colombo

The Genting Dream, which is considered to be Asia's biggest Cruise Line took a halt in Colombo on 31st october. The ship is designed for the Asian cruise market and has a large number of restaurants, a casino and specially designed cabins.

With the luxury cruise having made port in Colombo Port, around 1,500 foreigners to be granted on-board entry clearance. This is the first time ever to grant  granted on-board entry clearance for such large crowd in Sri Lanka. 

Hong Kong originated Genting Dream is an 18 deck behemoth that can carry over 3400 passengers and consists of 1700 rooms and 142 royal suites. The luxury cruise also contains 35 restaurants and in-house bars.

Citing to be quite the dream cruise from the exteriors, the liner looks just as extra ordinary from the interiors as well.

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