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Dialog Missed Call Top

Dialog Missed Call Top Up enables customers to instantly top-up Rs 100/= to their prepaid or postpaid mobile account using Sampath Bank account. Any Dialog customer who is having a Sampath Bank account and registered with SMS Banking Service will be automatically qualified to use the Dialog Missed Call Top-Up service.

All customers have to do is dial 458. Once done the call will be automatically dropped and the funds will be transferred instantly. Customers will be able to transfer up to Rs. 500/= from their Sampath Bank account to the Dialog number using this service on a daily basis.

How to Use
Dial 458 from your mobile phone.

Missed Call Top Up FAQ

  1. I don’t hear any response message when I call 458. Is this normal? Yes. You will not hear any response message after dialing 458. The call will drop after busy tone. Funds will be transferred after that.
  2. How much can I top-up with one missed call? You can top-up Rs 100/= with each missed call.
  3. Is there a limit for daily missed call Top Ups? Yes. You can reload up to Rs 500/= in a single day. That’s a maximum of 5 successful missed calls.
  4. Is there a time limitation between Top Ups? Yes. You can Top Up once every 5 minutes
  5. How can I register for this service? You don’t have to register for this service with Dialog. If you have a Dialog mobile connection and a Bank account with Sampath Bank you are automatically eligible. However, you should have SMS banking facility enabled. If you don’t have SMS banking enabled please call 0112303050 for assistance.
  6. How many mobile numbers can I register to Top Up with my Sampath Bank account? You can register one mobile number
  7. Can’t I Top Up a different number other than the number I have registered with the Sampath Bank account and SMS Banking? No. You can Top-up only the registered number.
  8. How can I know if my missed call Top Up request was successful? You will receive an SMS notification with further details depending on the success of your missed call Top-up request.

Information Source www.dialog.lk on 2017.02.21

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