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Bavuma Stuns Warner with a Super Fielding Run Out

Warner was bating at the striker’s end when he ducted a short ball from Rabada. Now Warner played that shot of his back foot. The ball went to the left of short point. Now Warner thought that a single was possible.

He went for it. Bavuma was standing at short point. He ran towards the ball, picked it up and then went aerial to throw this one towards the stumps. The ball hit the wicket and Warner was short. The decision was made by the third umpire.

Warner thought that he would make his ground easily. But the credit goes to Bavuma that he did not let him make it to the other side. The speed and then the throw took Warner off-guard. He was not expecting it at all.

He was not fully stretching his arm and bat. His bat was not the line when the bails flew off. It was not a hard decision to make by the third umpire. It took him a few replays and that was it. It was a certain run out without much doubt.

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