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Blue Wine?

There’s red wine, white wine, even pink wine. But thanks to Six young entrepreneurs set up Spanish firm Gik to revolutionise Spanish wine industry, where wine is deeply attached to tradition.

The drink is made using different varieties of red and white grapes from around Spain, including the wine regions of Castilla la Mancha and Rioja. 

Anthocyanin, a pigment from the red grapes’ skin, and indigotine, which is derived from plants, give the wine its bluish coloring.

Non-caloric sweeteners are then used to modify the flavour and create a sweet drink with 11.5 per cent alcohol per volume.

Not convinced? The entrepreneurs claim to have already sold around 70,000 bottles in Spain within a year and their blue wine will be available online for UK consumers in the coming months, with each bottle costing around £8. 

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