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Kurunegala City Guide & Travel Guide

Kurunegala is about 116 km from Colombo and 60 km from Kandy and is the Capital of the North Western Province and the District of Kurunegala.  Kurunegala developed very fast and now it is very popular and is one of the biggest towns in the country. Kurunegala is central place and is connected to most of the major towns in the country. Kurunegala Railway Station is one of the major Railway Stations along the Northern Railway. There is a lake in the middle of the city and the huge Aetha Gala (Elephant Rock ) in the background. Kurunegala is famous for rocks which appear like an elephant. Kurunegala is one of the ancient capital cities of Sri Lanka. A few kings ruled with Kurunegala as their capital. In ancient Sinhala literary works Kurunegala is referred to as Hasthi Shaila Pura - the City with the Elephant like Rock Kruunegala District is known for large scale coconut and paddy cultivation.


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