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ComBank Debit Cards get festive appeal with Rs 6 million in prizes for high spenders

The Commercial Bank of Ceylon is giving its debit cards extra appeal this festive season, with a gift bonanza worth Rs 6 million for high-spenders.

An all-inclusive holiday in Singapore for two, high-end laptops, luxury hotel stays on twin-sharing basis and 20 supermarket vouchers – each valued at a whopping Rs 50,000 – can be won by Commercial Bank debit card users who make purchases to the value of Rs 25,000 or more per month at this promotion, the Bank said.

The winners of these exciting gifts are to be selected at monthly draws in February, March and April, a period that encompasses Easter, Ramadan and the Sinhala and Tamil New Year.

“Promotions of this nature generally tend to focus on credit cards,” the Head of Commercial Bank’s Card Centre Mr Nishantha De Silva said. “With the launch of the ComBank Debit Card Gift Fiesta campaign our aim is to reward our loyal debit card holders while inculcating the habit of using debit cards for day-to-day transactions instead of paying by cash.”

A separate but concurrent promotion that will reward 160 recipients of remittances with a total of Rs 4 million in cash between February and April has also been launched by Commercial Bank.

Commercial Bank was the first bank in Sri Lanka to offer loyalty rewards for both credit and debit card holders under its Max Loyalty Rewards Points scheme, and was also the pioneer in extending promotional discount offers which were traditionally only offered for credit cards, to its debit cards. Commercial Bank enjoys market leadership in credit and debit card cumulative point-of-sale usage in Sri Lanka.


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