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ComBank’s ‘Leasing Fiesta’ back with lowest rates on vehicle and machinery leases

 The Commercial Bank of Ceylon’s popular limited-duration promotion for vehicle leases is back this August and September, offering one of the lowest prevailing rates in the market and other benefits.

Sri Lanka’s benchmark private sector bank has announced that its ‘Leasing Fiesta’ will run until 27th September 2023, under which it will offer monthly lease rentals starting from just Rs 2,094 for every Rs 100,000 on a five-year lease. The promotion covers the purchase of new or pre-used vehicles for personal use, commercial and agricultural vehicles, machinery and equipment.

Commercial Bank of Ceylon

The Bank said it would also arrange Easy Payment Plans for the settlement of insurance premiums, special benefits such as discounts on purchase of spare parts and servicing for the leased vehicles, a quick and hassle-free process and speedy approval of the leases.

Additionally, customers can benefit from tailor-made leasing options to suit individual income patterns, including the Bank’s Super Leasing and Hybrid Leasing facilities.

The Bank’s Super Leasing facility enables customers to purchase high-end vehicles at lower rentals, while offering easy repayment facilities and lower early settlement fees. The Hybrid Leasing facility also provides customers a means to purchase high-end vehicles at lower rentals, and does so by enabling the customer to pay half the standard rental during the first year, the standard rental for the rest of the lease period, and the balance amount as the last rental. This facility also offers an easy repayment scheme and enables customers to extend the lease tenure by an additional two years to repay the balance amount.

Commercial Bank’s Leasing Fiesta promotion has been conducted periodically to provide aspiring vehicle owners and those looking to upgrade their rides with affordable lease rentals complemented by lower interest rates, while enhancing the position of the Bank in the leasing market.

A pioneer in providing best leasing solutions to its customers, Commercial Bank has partnered with many reputed vendors during the Leasing Fiesta promotion. Currently the Bank has on going promotions with Associated Motorways (Private) Limited (AMW) and Hayleys Agriculture Holdings Limited, offering leasing packages for the purchase of agricultural vehicles and equipment.


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