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DIMO Healthcare Introduces ZEISS SLT Revolutionizing Glaucoma Treatment in Sri Lanka

 DIMO, a leading diversified conglomerate in Sri Lanka, is pleased to announce the successful introduction of ZEISS Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT) technology through its esteemed healthcare arm, DIMO Healthcare. This groundbreaking laser treatment has revolutionized the management of glaucoma by effectively controlling the internal pressure of the eye through a single procedure, significantly reducing the need for daily medication in glaucoma patients.

DIMO Healthcare Introduces ZEISS SLT Revolutionizing Glaucoma Treatment in Sri Lanka

The installation of the first ZEISS SLT at Mount Lotus Hospital marks a significant milestone in the field of ophthalmology in Sri Lanka. DIMO Healthcare, as the authorized local agent for ZEISS, remains committed to bringing advanced solutions to the country’s healthcare landscape. This treatment approach aligns with the recommendations of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) in the UK, which identifies SLT as the primary therapy for individuals newly diagnosed with chronic open-angle glaucoma.

Glaucoma, a prevalent eye condition, poses a global concern. ZEISS SLT offers a significant breakthrough by minimizing medication reliance for glaucoma patients, enhancing convenience, and optimizing treatment outcomes. Traditional glaucoma management often necessitates multiple daily medication administrations. However, the introduction of ZEISS SLT presents patients with a more streamlined and efficient treatment experience.

The innovative ZEISS SLT technology not only benefits but also empowers ophthalmologists and glaucoma specialists. By enabling a comprehensive review of patient data prior to examination and treatment, facilitating SLT procedures, and providing centralized access to diagnostic data and laser treatment reports, ZEISS SLT streamlines the entire treatment process. These capabilities, available at the VISULAS workstation or remotely within the clinic, enhance efficiency and enable precise pre-and post-operative evaluation.

In line with its commitment to advancing healthcare in Sri Lanka, DIMO Healthcare conducted a successful seminar to educate local medical professionals on the clinical aspects and benefits of ZEISS SLT Technology. The seminar served as a platform to facilitate knowledge exchange and foster collaboration in the pursuit of enhanced patient care.

Priyantha Dissanayake, Chief Operating Officer of DIMO Healthcare, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “DIMO Healthcare takes immense pride in introducing cutting-edge technologies in collaboration with our esteemed partners. From the revolutionary OCT technology in 2003, enabling visualization of internal eye structures, to the wide-angle fundus camera introduced in 2019 for hassle-free fundus examination, our commitment to innovation remains unwavering. We are driven by our purpose of fuelling the dreams and aspirations of our communities while actively contributing to building a healthier nation”.

The introduction of ZEISS SLT on the VISULAS green platform signifies a significant milestone in the evolution of laser glaucoma treatments. ZEISS, a globally renowned technology enterprise with decades of expertise in optics and optoelectronics, has developed this cutting-edge solution to address the growing challenge posed by glaucoma.

DIMO Healthcare will continue to introduce groundbreaking technologies that transform lives and contribute to the overall well-being of the Sri Lankan community.


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