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DIMO continues to blaze trails for Integrated Reporting with multiple wins at TAGS Awards 2022

 DIMO, a leading diversified conglomerate in Sri Lanka, won the Gold Award for Integrated Reporting at the recent TAGS Awards 2022 for its 2021/22 Annual Report, further solidifying DIMO’s position as a pioneer in Integrated Reporting.  

The company also took home a Bronze Award for Sustainability Reporting and a Gold Award in the Diversified Holdings sector (Group Turnover up to 50Bn). These accolades further encapsulate DIMO’s unwavering commitment to Transparency, Accountability, Governance, and Sustainability.


DIMO’s pioneering efforts in producing Integrated Reporting commenced over a decade ago when most of the corporates focused only on financial aspects in their annual reports. With its pioneering work and affiliation with the International Integrated Reporting Council based in the UK, DIMO has been compiling award winning integrated reports for many years. Integrated Reporting has also provided DIMO with an opportunity to go beyond monetised value creation and provide a more holistic view of the company. 

During its initial stages in the Integrated Reporting journey, DIMO’s focus was primarily on the completeness of the content within the report. In the second phase, the company focused on value creation aspect. In the next phase, DIMO decided to raise the standards of its integrated report even further, so it was on par with internationally acclaimed integrated reports. Throughout its journey in integrated reporting, DIMO emphasized value creation in a manner that showcases how integrated thinking is practiced, and how the substance of the integrated reporting framework is kept in mind.

The winning streak also reflects the company’s ability to adapt integrated thinking best practices that have helped raise the standards of financial reporting in Sri Lanka and inspired other corporates to follow suit as well. The company’s remarkable success in its operations and its integrated reporting, has always been based on its ability to create value and thus fuel the dreams and aspirations of its stakeholders and the communities it serves.


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