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UdaGilma Tea Estate & Resort

UdaGilma Tea Estate & Resort
Halgolla factory

Tel :  077-2007742, 071-9272488

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1 comment:

  1. For the price Location is not wreath a bit. Per Head Rs5000/= together we all 8 people together.
    Service follows as Welcome drink. Lunch served with Normal Rice and curry.
    Dinner served with Noodles with Poll sambola, Kirihodi…. (First time had Noodles with Poll sambola), In the Morning another Rice and Curry.
    All meals Served in a side of a corridor on a concrete bench. Just on open bowls
    For activities air rifle with (20 pellets of 0.177) Boat ride, small natural pool,
    Rooms with No windows bunk beds. No AC or No fan for rooms (had to ask for a fan after got sweat and brought from nearby house)… Normal Washrooms with toilet flush don’t work, No hot water with unpleasant look.
    Is it worth an Rs5000 per head? Don’t go to this place