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Why Aussie Women Grow Body Hair This Month

Hundreds of women will let their body hair grow this month, with all funds going towards fighting domestic violence against women. 

Get Hairy February, Australia's first peer to peer campaign for women against gendered violence, is back for a second year to not only empower the female sex, but also fight against inequality and violence against women.

The campaign's founder, Alex Andrews, sees women proudly displaying themselves in their au natural state as a choice that's super empowering and completely theirs to make.

"While the choice to remove or keep my body hair has always been mine, I can't help but feel like that choice would be a whole lot easier if it didn't come with a feeling of shame, guilt or judgement," said Alex.

Get Hairy February encourages gals to put a hold on their regular shaving schedule and invite their loved ones, friends and colleagues to sponsor them through their hair growing/'stick it to society' journey. 

Paula Abul, ambassador for Get Hairy February stopped shaving her body hair when she was 14 years old Photo: Alexis Desaulniers-Lea

To provide support to the 1 in 3 Australian women who experience violence, and the 44% of underage women who have been victim to sexual assault, donations made to Get Hairy February will go towards services that directly support women affected by domestic violence and programs designed to help eliminate gendered violence.

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Image Source www.smh.com.au

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