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Sampath My Bank

"My Bank” provides a convenient banking solution to potential customers live in distant places from a branch. This unique system redefines convenience in banking whilst inculcating the habit of saving, by integrating the basic principles of banking into their lifestyles, in their familiar territories.

Key Benefits

  • “My Bank” account can be opened with minimum of Rs. 50/-
  • Withdrawals , Deposits to “My Bank” Accounts through “My Bank” Agents
  • Payments for purchases through “My Bank” Card via “My Bank" Agents
  • SMS notifications for transactions carried out via “My Bank” account & balance enquiry
  • Extended banking hours (including weekends )
  • No form filling to open accounts.

  • Sri Lankan citizen over 18 years of age with a valid identification documents [National Identity Card (NIC)]
  • SIM connection registered under applicant's NIC

Information Source www.sampath.lk 2018.01.21


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