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Mercedes Benz Remote Parking Pilot

Parking can be a nightmare when the vehicle alongside has parked so tight that it is impossible to open the door of your car. A common occurrence in car parks where space is at a premium. Also some garages are so narrow that getting in and out of the car can be a real chore and cause scratching of the paintwork. Mercedes-Benz has the solution to these unfortunate situations: a remote-control system for moving into and out of parking spaces, available for the first time. It’s called the Remote Parking Pilot, and is controlled from outside the vehicle by smartphone via Bluetooth.

You can control your Mercedes-Benz remotely using the Remote Parking Pilot. Get out of the vehicle before parking it and then use your smartphone to conveniently manoeuvre the vehicle into even the tightest garages and perpendicular parking spaces. This is a comfort feature and also makes it safer for you and your family to get into and out of the vehicle.

The technical requirement for the Parking Pilot is the existence of the PARKTRONIC ultrasonic sensors, the optional equipment with 360° camera, the KEYLESS-GO system and an automatic transmission. In addition to partially autonomous parking, in exploration mode the vehicle is also able to drive small distances without any occupant.

Especially in built-up areas, it is often difficult to find a parking space that is both easily accessible and also safe. The Remote Parking Pilot ensures the stress-free parking of your vehicle.

The required app is currently available for iOS. It is also necessary to activate the service in the Mercedes me portal. For added security, the driver has to be in possession of the key and must not leave a radius of 3 m around the vehicle. The system calculates the necessary moves for the parking procedure and the driver selects a given parking scenario. For the vehicle to pull out of a parking space, it must also be unlocked by pressing the button on the key. The vehicle owner performs a continuous confirmation action in order to guide and control the procedure from his/her smartphone. In exploration mode, partially autonomous driving is also possible for several metres without occupants, for example down the garage drive.

In addition to the added comfort provided by the Remote Parking Pilot, it also serves to increase safety at the start and end of your journey.

Video Source Mercedes-Benz
Graphic source before editing mercedes-benz.com
Information Source techcenter.mercedes-benz.com

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