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Mongolian Mummy Buried in 'Adidas boots' 1,100 Years Ago

A body of a Mongolian women buried a thousand a years ago found wearing a pair of Adidas shoes.

The body of the woman was discovered a year ago this week in the Altai mountains region of Mongolia.
And her body and possessions remained so remarkably preserved that experts are still uncovering some of the secrets they keep.

Now, scientists have discovered that the mummy suffered a significant blow to the head before her death. Experts from the Centre of Cultural Heritage of Mongolia now believe the woman died up to 1,100 years ago after suffering a serious head wound.

Initial examinations found that 'it was quite possible that the traces of a blow to the mummy's facial bones were the cause of her death'.

They are still seeking to verify the exact age of the burial, but they estimate it took place in the tenth century - more recently than originally though

The high altitude and cold climate helped to preserve both the woman's body and her belongings. The woman was buried alongside a number of her possessions - including a handbag and four changes of clothes. A comb and a mirror from her beauty kit were also found, along with a knife. Her horse and a saddle with metal stirrups in such good condition that it could be used today were buried as well. 

Information & Image Source http://www.dailymail.co.uk

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