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CZ12 ( Jackie Chan's Chinese Zodiac )

CZ12 official trailer

Video Source YouTube

Directed by
Jackie Chan

Produced by
Jackie Chan
Stanley Tong
Barbie Tung

Written by
Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan
Kwon Sang-woo
Nikhila Menon
Yao Xing Tong
Zhang Lan Xin
Laura Weissbecker

Music by
Roc Chen
Nathan Wang

JCE Movies Limited
Emperor Classic Films
Emperor Dragon Movies
Emperor Motion Pictures
Jackie & JJ Productions


Jackie Chan as Asian Hawk, better known as JC
Kwon Sang-woo as Simon
Liao Fan as David
Yao Xing Tong as Coco
Zhang Lan Xin as Bonnie
Laura Weissbecker as Katherine
Cary Woodworth as Jonathan
Vincent Sze as Michael
Pierre Bourdaud as Pirate
Kenny G as Airplane Pilot
Emmanuel Lanzi as Henchman
Rosario Amadeo as Pierre
Pierre-Benoist Varoclier as Léon
Ken Lo as Henchman
Oliver Platt as Lawrence
Caitlin Dechelle
Zheng Wei[7]
Bo-Yee Poon
Christian Bachini

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