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Sampath Mobile Cash

Sampath Bank constantly strives to innovate in order to make your life easier. The new and improved Sampath Mobile Cash enables you to send up to Rs. 200,000/- daily over any Mobile or CDMA network to anyone, anywhere in Sri Lanka!

Who is eligible?
Sampath bank account holders.
The beneficiary can be either an account holder or a third party.

The Unmatched Benefits:
Sampath Mobile Cash enables you to send money to anyone, anywhere in Sri Lanka, over any mobile or CDMA network.
Send up to Rs.200,000/- daily.
The recipients are notified instantly on the transaction via Sampath SMS Alertz, There is no requirement of a pre-registration to send or receive money
Money can be collected instantly from any of Sampath Bank’s island-wide branch network or from any Sampath Bank ATM island-wide, 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

Service Charges:
Rs.   1,000/-     -   Rs. 25,000/-   =   Rs.50/-
Rs. 25,001/-     -   Rs. 40,000/-   =   Rs.75/-

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