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Licensed Finance Companies in Sri Lanka

1. Abans Finance PLC
2. Alliance Finance Co. PLC
3. AMW Capital Leasing PLC
4. Arpico Finance Co. PLC
5. Asia Asset Finance PLC                                       
6. Asian Finance Ltd. 
7. Associated Motor Finance Co. PLC
8. Bartleet Finance PLC
9. Bimputh Finance PLC
10. Capital Alliance Finance PLC
11. Central Finance Co. PLC
12. Central Investments & Finance PLC
13. Chilaw Finance PLC 
14. Citizens Development Business Finance PLC
15. City Finance Corporation Ltd.
16. Commercial Credit and Finance PLC
17. Commercial Leasing & Finance Ltd.
18. Divasa Finance Ltd.
19. ETI Finance Ltd.
20. Ideal Finance Ltd.
21. Kanrich Finance Ltd.
22. Lanka ORIX Finance PLC
23. L B Finance PLC
24. Melsta Regal Finance Ltd.
25. Mercantile Investments and Finance PLC
26. Merchant Credit of Sri Lanka Ltd.
27. Multi Finance PLC
28. Nanda Investments and Finance PLC
29. Nation Lanka Finance PLC
30. Orient Finance Ltd. 
31. People’s Finance PLC 
32. People’s Merchant Finance PLC
33. Prime Grameen Micro Finance Ltd. 
34. Senkadagala Finance PLC
35. Singer Finance (Lanka) PLC
36. Sinhaputhra Finance PLC
37. Softlogic Finance PLC 
38. Swarnamahal Financial Services PLC
39. The Finance Co. PLC 
40. The Standard Credit Lanka Ltd. 
41. TKS Finance Ltd.
42. Trade Finance & Investments PLC
43. U B Finance Co. Ltd.
44. Vallibel Finance PLC

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*According to the public notice of Central bank as at 30.06.2012. Some time these data may have changed now.

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