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Kiribathgoda: Things to Do, Places to Visit, Eat, and Entertain

Kiribathgoda, a vibrant town in the Gampaha District of Sri Lanka, offers an intriguing mix of cultural sites, natural beauty, culinary delights, and entertainment options. Whether you're a history buff, nature lover, or foodie, Kiribathgoda has something for everyone. Here’s a unique guide to exploring this dynamic town.

Things to Do

  1. Nature and Parks

    • Muthurajawela Marsh: Just a short drive from Kiribathgoda, this vast wetland sanctuary is perfect for bird watching, boat rides, and exploring Sri Lanka's rich biodiversity.
    • Kelaniya Temple Grounds: The surrounding gardens and pathways are ideal for a leisurely stroll and soaking in the serene atmosphere.
  2. Cultural Exploration

    • Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara: An ancient Buddhist temple famous for its stunning murals and annual Duruthu Perahera festival. It's a significant pilgrimage site and a cultural landmark.
    • Warana Raja Maha Vihara: Known for its beautiful architecture and historical significance, this temple offers a glimpse into Sri Lanka's spiritual heritage.
  3. Shopping and Markets

    • Kiribathgoda Town Market: A bustling market where you can find fresh produce, local delicacies, and various household items.
    • Retail Therapy: Kiribathgoda is home to several shopping centers like K-Zone, offering a mix of local and international brands.

Places to Visit

  1. Historical Sites

    • Gampaha Botanical Garden: A short distance from Kiribathgoda, this garden features a variety of tropical plants and a serene atmosphere, perfect for a day trip.
    • Malwana Fort: Though in ruins, this fort offers a peek into the colonial history of Sri Lanka and is an interesting site for history enthusiasts.
  2. Religious Sites

    • St. Francis Xavier's Church: An architectural gem, this church is a peaceful place for reflection and offers insight into the Christian heritage of the area.
    • Ragama Church: Another significant religious site, known for its beautiful structure and tranquil environment.
  3. Recreational Areas

    • Kelani River Banks: A popular spot for picnics and leisurely walks, offering scenic views and a relaxing environment.
    • Diyasaru Park: Located nearby, this park is a haven for nature lovers, with walking trails, bird watching opportunities, and lush greenery.

Places to Eat

  1. Local Cuisine

    • Perera & Sons: A beloved chain known for its Sri Lankan pastries, snacks, and hearty rice and curry meals.
    • Seth Restaurant: Offers authentic Sri Lankan dishes with a focus on traditional flavors and local ingredients.
  2. International Cuisine

    • Pizza Hut Kiribathgoda: For those craving international flavors, this popular chain offers a variety of pizzas and other fast food items.
    • KFC Kiribathgoda: Another favorite for fast food lovers, providing a range of fried chicken dishes and sides.
  3. Cafes and Bakeries

    • Fab Cafe: A cozy spot to enjoy coffee, cakes, and light meals in a relaxed setting.
    • Kandoori Café: Known for its delicious pastries, desserts, and a variety of beverages.

Places to Entertain

  1. Cinema and Theatres

    • Kiribathgoda Cinema: A local cinema showcasing the latest Sri Lankan and international movies, perfect for a relaxing evening.
    • Janakala Kendraya: Hosts cultural performances, dramas, and musical shows, offering a taste of Sri Lankan arts and culture.
  2. Family Entertainment

    • Guruge Nature Park: A fun-filled amusement park with rides, a petting zoo, and various attractions suitable for all ages.
    • Excel World Entertainment Park: Located a short drive away, this park offers bowling, a gaming arcade, and other exciting activities.
  3. Nightlife and Pubs

    • Sky Lounge: A trendy spot for enjoying cocktails, music, and a lively atmosphere.
    • Cheers Pub: Known for its friendly vibe and selection of local and international beverages.

Kiribathgoda is a town that beautifully blends cultural heritage, natural beauty, and modern amenities. From exploring ancient temples to enjoying a meal at a cozy café, there are plenty of activities to keep you entertained. Whether you're a resident or a visitor, Kiribathgoda promises a delightful experience with its diverse offerings. Plan your visit and uncover the many charms of this fascinating town!


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