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DIMO Healthcare Equips Lanka Hospitals with Siemens Healthineers Symbia Evo Excel Gamma Camera for Advanced Patient Care

Healthcare arm of DIMO and the exclusive partner for Siemens Healthineers in Sri Lanka, DIMO Healthcare has further elevated the technological prowess of Lanka Hospitals, a premier private hospital in the country through installing state-of-the-art Siemens Healthineers Symbia Evo Excel Gamma camera taking early diagnosis to new heights.

The Siemens Healthineers Symbia Evo Excel Gamma camera installed at Lanka Hospitals is an advanced system that plays a crucial role in nuclear medicine with staging tumor localization, therapy follow-up and treatment of various tumors. The comprehensive new Siemens Healthineers Symbia Evo Excel Gamma camera assists medical practitioners diagnosing tumors like thyroid carcinoma, metastatic bone carcinoma, breast carcinoma, lymphoma (lymphoscintigraphy), melanoma, brain tumor and more, transforming the oncology field. The Gamma camera also plays a very important role in diagnosing various non-oncology indications like renal, pulmonary, endocrine and CNS.

Equipped with advanced Symbia Evo Excel technology, the Gamma camera enables faster and superior image quality. This significantly aids clinicians in early disease detection and informed treatment decisions even with facilitating the identification of small lesions. Faster scanning times and best-in-class image quality, facilitate initial staging and timely treatment planning for patients. Additionally, the Gamma camera features a wider bore to minimize claustrophobia during scans and allows for easy positioning of obese or bedridden patients. An exclusive 76-degree cardiac angle is also available for cardiac studies.

Dr. Chandraguptha Udugama, Consultant nuclear medicine at Lanka Hospitals stated, “Upgrading our facilities with the latest technological advancements aligns with our commitment to providing exceptional patient care. The investments in this dynamic medical equipment demonstrate our dedication to elevating the local healthcare system. We believe DIMO Healthcare, with its expertise in medical engineering and access to cutting-edge technologies, is the perfect partner in supporting our journey towards excellence in patient care.”

“DIMO, as a diversified conglomerate driven by the purpose of fuelling dreams and aspirations of the communities we serve, is honored to be a part of Lanka Hospitals’ journey in adopting the latest technologies to advance Sri Lanka’s healthcare sector,” said Mr. Wijith Pushpawela, Director of DIMO and Director-in-Charge of DIMO Healthcare. “DIMO Healthcare remains at the forefront of introducing groundbreaking technologies, for building a healthier nation”, he added.

DIMO Healthcare’s commitment extends beyond equipment provision. Leveraging its expertise in catering to world-renowned medical engineering brands, DIMO offers comprehensive after-sales services and support including 24/7 access to necessary spare parts and accessories, ensuring optimal equipment performance and uninterrupted patient care.

By providing cutting-edge technologies coupled with exceptional after-sales support, DIMO Healthcare empowers local healthcare sector to deliver superior medical care and early diagnosis for Sri Lankans.



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