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HNB PayFast

 "HNB PAYFAST” is a secure internet based payment gateway that would facilitate the performance of transactions by debiting your company account at HNB, and by crediting multiple accounts at HNB or any other Bank in Sri Lanka.

Key Benefits to the Clients

  • Cost effective - No hidden charges / joining fees
  • Convenience - No more diskettes, signing cheques or paying cash, for salary, supplier, EPF, ETF etc. payments as all these payments could be done from anywhere in an absolutely hassle free manner
  • Confidentiality - Since the system is developed, marketed and supported by Hatton National Bank itself, absolute confidentiality is maintained with regards to all transactions
  • Customers are able to originate the transaction from a location of their choice and are permitted to upload multiple files 24x7. (Processing of the files by the Bank will be on normal working days - holiday banking excluded)
  • Processing times and cut-off times.
  • Reports / Print outs of the uploaded files could be taken, which enables the "Bank Reconciliation" process of the company easy
  • Processing of transactions will be with "Dual Control" as well as "Single / Multiple Authorization" at the customer’s end.
  • Simple registration process - Main application incorporated with the board resolution.
  • Make Inland Revenue Department (IRD) payments

Fee Structure

  • HNB to HNB - Free of charge
  • HNB to other banks - Rs.15 per transaction
  • Set up fee - Rs.2500 (One Time payment )

Key Benefits / Value added services

 To perform Payroll, Bonus, Dividend, Incentive & Supplier payments.

 To perform statutory payments such as EPF, ETF & IRD.

 Convenience in performing all payments from anywhere, without a hassle

 Cost effective with no hidden charges or joining fee

 Originate transactions from any location, upload multiple files 24 x 7

 Confidentiality guaranteed with every transaction


Please get in touch with the HNB PAYFAST Unit through the under mentioned contact numbers if you need more details or any assistance.

0112661976 / 0112661960

Courtesy & information source payfast.hnb.lk


Thanks for reading HNB PayFast

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