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DIMO launches 2022 calendar showcasing ancient Sri Lanka to the modern society

DIMO, one of the leading diversified conglomerates in Sri Lanka, introduced the 2022 corporate calendar depicting some of Sri Lanka’s most historic and significant achievements. As a means by which to be proud, while remembering the country’s rich and vibrant past, the DIMO 2022 corporate calendar is a pictorial recreation of some of Sri Lanka’s ancient moments of glory.

True to its purpose of fuelling dreams and aspirations, DIMO aims to showcase Sri Lanka’s rich heritage, which spans thousands of years like a bejewelled tapestry, serving as evidence of a highly sophisticated and cultured country. From awe-inspiring technological marvels to trading with countries around the world while being nourished by its own culture, ancient Sri Lanka was inimitably unique.

Speaking on the release of DIMO’s 2022 corporate calendar, Ranjith Pandithage, Chairman & Managing Director of DIMO, stated, “DIMO believes that it is our utmost responsibility to educate country’s next generation on most historical and significant achievements in our nation. We are looking to introduce these unfamiliar rich historical events to the public and recreate history by bringing these moments to life.”

DIMO’s 2022 corporate calendar is illustrated by Prasanna Weerakkody, a leading Sri Lankan artist who specializes in the reconstruction of Sri Lankan history and ancient lifestyles. As an ardent student of history, his work is widely accepted as highly accurate depictions of early Sri Lankan lifestyles.

The pictorial depictions in DIMO’s 2022 corporate calendar include King Kashyapa and the Sigiriya Lion Gate (Grand Tradition Sculpture and Art), Mahathota (Ma-Thota), the natural port in Mannar, King Mahasen and the Construction of Weva (Grand Irrigation Works), King Parakramabahu I and the Naval Force (Seafaring in Ancient Sri Lanka), Mathula Alu Lena – writing of the Tripitaka (Scholarly Work) and many more historical and significant achievements in Sri Lanka.


Sarva Colombo has been creating the DIMO corporate calendar for ten consecutive years and today, it is considered as the most informative, visually attractive and anticipated calendar in Sri

Lanka. The calendar aims to give a visual and educational gateway into the ancient Sri Lankan history and technology lost in time. The theme for the year 2022 is “Pride of a Nation”, showcasing the turning point in the history of Sri Lanka and parts of the lost historical marvels, war heroes, world-class steps in the economy, massive constructions, peaks in education, golden eras of literature and strength of unity found during hard times which has made Sri Lanka a great nation. Now is the best time to paint those moments in colour, together with new technology and creativity, giving a glimpse of our proud history to the next generation.



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