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‘Flash’Digital Banking app links with global climate impact calculation leader Doconomy

 The Commercial Bank of Ceylon has announced a partnership with Doconomy of Sweden, a global leader in impact-tech solutions, to further develop the effectiveness of the Carbon Footprint Calculator in the ‘Flash’ Digital Banking app developed and deployed in Sri Lanka by the Bank.

 Doconomy owns the Åland Index, the world’s first e-Environmental Impact Report originally developed by Finland’s Åland Bank. Version 1 of the Åland Index powers the existing ‘Save the Environment’ feature on Flash, and the Bank said its partnership with the index’s new owner would enable the Flash app to upgrade to the latest version, and expand its scope.


 By partnering with Doconomy and gaining access to the upgraded API of the index, Commercial Bank has joined the company of pioneering banks in the world to drive carbon footprint reduction among its customers. Furthermore, the integration of the updated index enables the Flash app to capture not just the carbon footprint of immediate service providers, but also of the entire value chain of the goods or services purchased by its users.

 Commenting on the partnership with Doconomy, Commercial Bank Managing Director Mr S. Renganathan said: “As Sri Lanka’s first carbon neutral bank, the Commercial Bank has assumed a leadership role in increasing consciousness of the need, not just for organisations but individuals, to be concerned about the environmental impact of their consumption. With the ‘Save the Environment’ feature in the Flash app, we invited our customers to join in our mission to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute towards a greener future.”

 “Doconomy’s endorsement of the Flash app’s efficient use of the Åland Index is a great achievement, more so because it tells us that we are on the right track in helping to mitigate the effects of the climate crisis. The partnership holds us to industry benchmark standards of carbon footprint calculations and positions the Flash app’s ‘Save the Environment’ feature among the global leaders in this aspect.” 

 The Åland Index is a cloud-based service for climate impact calculations and is the leading index solution for CO2 emission calculations for payments and financial transactions. The Commercial Bank of Ceylon was the first and only bank in Sri Lanka to adopt this free source indexversion 1.0 when it upgraded the Flash app last year with the ‘Save the Environment’ feature that not only enabled users to compute the environmental impact of their spending but raised awareness about their everyday environmental impact.

 Doconomy entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Commercial Bank of Ceylon to offer the latest version of the index. To fulfill the objectives of the MoU, the two parties intend mutual collaboration on CO2 footprint follow-up of customer transactions, tracking of trends, educational initiatives and communication.  



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