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DIMO introduces new WD-40 Specialist® Range with Improved Formula

DIMO, one of the leading diversified conglomerates in Sri Lanka, recently introduced the new and improved WD-40 Specialist range to the local market, as the sole distributor for WD-40 in Sri Lanka. The WD-40 Specialist range now comes in grease, lubricants, and cleaners along with its new refreshing look.

The new WD-40 Specialist range includes general and automotive ranges of products. The general range includes a 360ml White Lithium Grease which is a high viscosity solution that delivers long term lubrication that does not drip or run, while the 360ml Silicon Spray is a non-staining, hard-working formula which provides excellent lubrication without attracting dirt and also provides protection against moisture. The 360ml and 200ml Contact Cleaner cleans away oil, dirt, flux, residue and condensation from sensitive electronics and electrical equipment by rapidly penetrating hard-to-reach areas and it dries quickly without leaving any residue. The 360ml Dry Lube contains PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) which delivers enhanced lubrication and protection, leaving a dry clear film, avoiding attraction of dirt, dust and oil, while the 450ml Degreaser comes with a deep penetrating formulation that effectively removes tough grease, oil, dirt, tar, adhesives and similar substances.

The automotive range includes a 450ml Brakes and Parts Cleaner that is non-staining, leaving no residue and is also non-corrosive. In addition, it assists in stopping disc brake squeal and eliminates clutch slippage. The 360ml Chain Lube is a high performance, fully synthetic and extremely tacky chain lubricant which is ideal for street and off-road motorcycles, karts, and ATV applications.

Mr. Vijitha Bandara, Director of DIMO stated, “At DIMO, we always strive to provide our consumers with the best and most innovative product ranges from our globally acclaimed brands. The improved WD-40 Specialist range is the ideal lubrication solution that meets specific hard-core jobs. DIMO, as a brand that understands the pulse of our consumers, we constantly challenge ourselves to offer the best and improved products, catering to the ever-changing needs of the consumers”.

Furthermore, WD-40 Multi-Use Product protects metal from rust and corrosion, penetrates stuck parts, displaces moisture and lubricates almost anything. It even removes grease, grime and more from most surfaces. This comes in 100ml handy packs, as well as 191ml, 333ml, 412ml cans and 4L bulk cans. The WD-40 aerosol spray has helped millions of Sri Lankans for over a decade, with its unique capability to fix small problems before they get out of hand.

WD-40 is one of the world’s best-known brands and is dedicated to creating positive lasting memories for our end-users by solving problems in workshops, factories and homes around the world. With 8 decades of DIMO trust, WD-40 range of products are currently available island-wide in general trade shops, automotive shops, hardware shops, modern trade channels as well as e-commerce platforms.



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