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Q+ Payment App upgraded with ‘Online Pay’ feature

 Commercial Bank has announced that it has enabled an innovative payment experience for the Bank’s Q+ customers called ‘Q+ online Pay’ in the Q+ Payment App, the fastest-growing payment app in Sri Lanka. 

This feature enables Q+ customers to pay for online purchases by entering their mobile numbers in merchant websites and apps that have ‘ComBank Q+’ as a payment option. 

This state-of-the-art payment method allows users to keep their sensitive card and account details away from merchant platforms. ComBank Q+ Payment App users are required only to enter a mobile number at the point of purchase. Once the customer concludes the transaction by entering the mobile number at the merchant website, a payment notification immediately appears in the customer’s Q+ Mobile App. By clicking the notification, the customer is directed to the Q+ ‘Online Pay’ tab, where the payment is confirmed by entering a 4-digit PIN. Once the payment is confirmed by the customer, the merchant is notified whether the transaction is approved or not. 

Parallel to the launch of ‘Q+ Online Pay,’ Commercial Bank has added the ‘Q+ Online Pay’ payment option to its credit card settlement webpage enabling customers to seamlessly settle their credit card outstanding by typing only their mobile numbers. This credit card payment facility can be accessed through https://www.combankapps.lk/mpgs-client/ 

The ComBank Q+ Payment App can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store. Once a customer creates a Q+ account in the ComBank Q+ Payment App, a ComBank Visa, MasterCard or UnionPay card can be added to the app, and can thereafter perform transactions. The Q+ App offers the option of making payments by scanning QR Codes for purchases of goods and services at any LANKAQR enabled merchant. 

Currently, the Payment App enables users to make in-app bill payments in eight categories such as data reloads, pre-paid and post-paid mobiles, fixed telephone lines, utilities, water and electricity (CEB and LECO), pay TV bills, Credit Card outstanding and Pre-paid Cards top-up. The facility will be further enhanced with the inclusion of merchants such as educational institutes and insurance companies, the Bank said.

Q+ has more than 90,000 registered customers and processes thousands of transactions daily. The app is designed to provide maximum customer convenience and a pleasant user experience. The app was developed in conformity with the guidelines provided by Central Bank of Sri Lanka.



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