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DFCC Bank, Pioneering its way to encouraging Cycling to Work

‘Achieving Sustainable Work-Lifestyles by 2030’ is one of the Big Goals that DFCC Bank has identified in its Sustainability Strategy for 2020 – 2030. The Bank seeks to advance sustainable workplaces and lifestyles via governance, including sustainable workplace practices, as well as lifestyles for clients and staff in general.  This includes a range of elements from promoting diversity and inclusivity, to productivity oriented wellness and sustainable consumption and lifestyle practices. In this regard, the new ‘Bike to Work’ initiative which was launched by the Bank’s wellness committee, “OMMM”, was the latest bank wide initiative launched to encourage its employees to maintain a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

This is not a one off activity as a “Bike to Work” day will be organized each month in an effort to propagate a healthy lifestyle across the Bank network. DFCC Bank has also made a commitment to give cycling high priority by encouraging staff to take on cycling as a hobby. As this was the first time that a Bank of this magnitude arranged an official cycle to work day, DFCC Bank intends to dominate the cycling space in the country and make it a life style choice.

Not only does this initiative demonstrate DFCC Bank’s strong commitment to nurture the wellbeing of its staff, it also highlights the financial institution’s stance on caring for the environment. As cycling to work has an undeniable impact on the reduction of the bank’s carbon footprint, the “Bike to Work” initiative aligns well with the DFCC Bank’s focus on ensuring a meaningful and sustainable contribution to climate change mitigation and responsible resource utilization.

The OMMM initiative, launched by DFCC Bank in 2021, will be introducing many more projects designed to focus on the mental and physical health and wellbeing of staff and their families.

Source https://www.dfcc.lk, https://www.facebook.com/dfccbankplc


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