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Dimo Launches Footprints – Home Gardening Made Fun For You And Your Kids

DIMO introduced its latest addition “Footprints” a range of All in One Convenient DIY Home Gardening Kits to the local market while taking urban agriculture to the next level.

The virtual unveiling of the “Footprints” was held on 23rd January with the patronage of Mr. Ranjith Pandithage, distinguished guests and a team of social media content creators.

These home gardening kits consist of all the resources necessary for you to start growing a plant from the seeding stage and up until it bears fruits. This also includes a step by step instructions guide which will guide users through the entire life cycle of the plant. A series of “How to do Videos” were also launched and were made available on social media to help users understand each step of the journey meaningfully.

This is an innovative approach to promote home gardening as a family bonding activity which helps the holistic development of children and as a way of relaxation which in return delivers happy and joyful memories and moments for any individual.

Mr. Ranjith Pandithage in his address explained the importance of maintaining a healthy relationship with nature and the importance of spending quality time with family and loved ones. In essence ‘’footprints’’ helps facilitate both these aspects and especially helps the holistic development of children.

The Footprints range consist of Nursery Care Kits and Complete Care Kits.

The Nursery Care Kit is a convenient home gardening combo pack which includes, seeds, coir pots, peat pellets and plant markers. This can be used as a starter kit to grow your own vegetables at home. This facilitates the growth of the plant in its nursery stage. Once the Nursery stage is completed, the nursery plant can be transferred to a pot, soil or any other growing medium. Nursery Care kit comes in five different variants and each of the variants has a combination of three crops (Chili, Tomato, Brinjal, Salad Cucumber, Capsicum, Lettuce, Bell Pepper, Pumpkin, Kekiri, Cucumber, Bitter Gourd, Snake Gourd and Rich Gourd). The Nursery Care kit is recommended for those who have access to a backyard, home garden or plant pots.

The Complete Care Kit is a complete all in-one convenient home gardening combo pack. It includes seeds, coir pots, peat pellets, plant markers to facilitate the nursery stage of the plant and additionally, a grow bag (growing medium), a potting mixture (soil mixture) and fertilizer sachets to accommodate the post nursery stage. This is a complete kit which facilitates the plant through its complete lifecycle from seeding till it bears fruit. Once the Nursery stage is completed, the nursery plant can be transferred to the grow bag included in the kit and let it grow until the harvesting time. The Complete Care kit comes in four different variants. (Tomato, Chilli, Capsicum, Brinjal).  This is recommended for those who live in apartments and with a very limited outdoor space at home.

(Media Release, www.dimolanka.com)


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