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LG to Supply Gesture-Reading System for Mercedes-Benz

The South Korean company LG Electronics will supply vehicles from the German manufacturer Mercedes-Benz to the gestures reading system - said Bloomberg agency, citing people who know the case. The solution allows you to control, among others music volume and cruise control.

The electronics manufacturer's system can read the driver's gestures with the help of a camera placed in the car's ceiling and currently assumes the control of selected functions. Ultimately, LG assumes, however, that the solution will be able to control also more complex tasks, such as changing gears - the agency pointed out.

Bloomberg reminded that Mercedes has already signed an agreement with LG for a camera system that allows the driver to determine if the driver is tired. At the beginning of January, Mercedes-Benz presented the MBUX Interior Assist function at the CES in Las Vegas, which enables people traveling on the CLA Coupe to control the functions using gestures.

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