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Pick My Load

PickMyLoad is a way to enable owners and drivers of commercial vehicles to better use their time and vehicles in a rapidly growing market. The platform seeks to connect these owners/drivers to potential shippers looking to transport goods from point A to point B with focus on ease of use, reliability and security.

PickMyLoad offers a wide array of commercial vehicles to suit your needs.
  • TUK : Can use upto 400 kg
  • SMALL TRUCKS : Can use upto 1000 kg
  • PICK UP : Can use upto 1500 kg
  • TRUCK : Can use upto 3000 kg
  • PRIME MOVER : Can use over 40200 kg
PickMyLoad’s platform ensures that drivers and/or owners of commercial vehicles have the quickest access to potential delivery clients at all times. We look to provide you with a hassle-free way of getting delivery jobs on the fly, whilst ensuring that you receive your payments on time.

Drivers don’t have to worry about collecting payments, PickMyLoad ensures drivers receive payments directly to their accounts.

PickMyLoad isn’t an 8 to 5, drivers can work on their own schedule, whenever, wherever.

Receive shipment bookings at anytime through the dedicated driver’s app.

Image & Information Source https://pickmyload.lk


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