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  • 4 power outlets : Bedchill has 2 power outlets on each side so that plugging in devices is easy from either side of the bed. Of course you can choose your power outlet type.
  • 4 USB charging ports : Bedchill has 2 USB ports on each side so that you can directly charge your phone and/or other small devices while keeping them closeby.
  • 2 LED lights : Brighten up your bedside thanks to 2 integrated LED lights. To match the light with your mood, you can choose the color, mode, and adjust brightness thanks to the remote control.
  • Stereo speakers : Bedchill integrates two stereo speakers. Just connect your devices using Bluetooth. Then adjust the volume from your device or from the remote control.
  • Remote control : Remote control allows you to manage light and audio. You can play music and set your light brightness from anywhere in your room
  • 2 drawers : Bedchill includes 2 big drawers that are perfectly integrated. They provide extra space to organize your belongings so that you can always keep what you need within easy reach.
  • 3 raised edges : While you’re chilling hard, you don’t want things to fall on your bed... that’s why the Bedchill has 3 raised edges at the back and on both sides.
  • Retractable electric cable : The electric cable will never bother you, as it is automatically retractable, and the feet are fully adjustable so that you can choose which side of the bed you want the cable to be.
  • 4 casters : 4 casters make the Bedchill glide easily back and forth.
  • Multipurpose design : The Bedchill is designed to fit in any environment. It is available in 4 colors. Bedchill can turn into a classic table, an amazing connected desk, or even a console table.
  • Adjustable height : The height can be adjusted manually to fit all beds from 12 inches high ( = 30cm ), to 30 inches ( = 76 cm ). In fact, it goes so high it can even be used as a standing desk. The Bedchill is available in 3 widths to adapt to most existing beds.
  • 4 casters : 4 casters make the Bedchill glide easily back and forth.

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