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Asanka Gurusinha appointed SLC Chief Cricket Operations Officer

Former Sri Lanka cricketer Asanka Gurusinha has been appointed as the Chief Cricket Operations Officer who will oversee all international cricket, the high-performance unit and the brain centre operations as well as women’s cricket.

"Gurusinha will have more responsibility than Simon Wills. With his experience of working with the national team, as the team manager, who knows exactly what the team’s requirement we believe with the World Cup coming up in a year, Gurusinha’s role will help us to build our plan for our goal of winning the tournament in the United Kingdom," Sri Lanka Cricket President Thilanga Sumathipala stated to the media yesterday in Colombo.

Gurusinha was appointed as the Cricket Manager in March last year before he was given more authority as a national selector. Earlier, Englishmen Simon Willis worked as the High Performance Manager, based at Khettarama. Willis decided to end his contract with SLC early due to family reasons.

"Brain Centre is new but we have been using data for a long time now and what SLC has done is that we have our own data centre. Even the provincial tournament is captured every ball so any player can analyze their performance and using the GPS system, they can get an idea of their intensity level, which no other country has and it’s a major investment done by SLC," Gurusinha told the media.

Information Source www.island.lk on 2018.04.22


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