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Sampath E-Remittance

What is Sampath E-Remittance?

An internet-based Instant Money Transfer Facility called ‘Sampath E-remittance’ enables Sampath Bank Customers and non-Customers to receive money within seconds from any of our agents abroad. All Sampath Bank Branches have been designated as service outlets for our web-based systems.

You can make three types of payments in Sri Lankan Rupees as mentioned below:
  1. Over-the-counter payments at branches
  2. Credits to Sampath Bank Accounts
  3. Credits to other Sri Lankan Commercial Banks through SLIPS (Sri Lanka Interbank Payment System)
Credits can also be accommodated in US Dollars to NRFC and RFC Accounts maintained with Sampath Bank or Other Banks

Who is eligible?

Any person who possesses a valid Photographic Identity Document is entitled. At present, the system can be used only to receive remittances from abroad and any person can use it at an agent location abroad. The e-remittances will be subject to the laws and regulations applicable in that country as well as in Sri Lanka.

How does it work?

  • The sender will pay the amount to be remitted and the charges to the agent in the foreign Country giving the details of the beneficiary (Full Name and the Number of the Photo ID – National Identity Card Number, Driving License Number, Passport Number, etc.).
  • The Remitter will be given a Reference Number by the Sending Agent to be conveyed to the Beneficiary.
  • The Sending Agent will enter the details into the respective system, which can be accessed simultaneously by Sampath Bank.
  • The beneficiary can collect the funds from any branch by producing the Reference Number and Identification papers.

Key benefits

  • Instantaneous money transfers from a multitude of countries across the world
  • Relatively cheap and reliable method
  • Secure system with added protection to the beneficiary via a secret code (PIN)

Information & Image source www.sampath.lk on 2018.03.11

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