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Frauds Related to Mutual Transfers.

Following are some experiences related to Frauds Related to Mutual Transfers witch we received form our  web site users.

So Be careful from  Fraud calls Related to Mutual Transfers.

  1. Experience : "Uba rupiyal 19500k aran athma ganaka papakarmyk krgatte. apith naya wela amaruwen hoyagena car eka hire kle masayakwath nathi daruwa nisa. nathiwa tiyenawata neme. Ubata thawa masayak ynna kalin me karapu paw padisan denna one. Tho kana bath atayak atayak gane ubatai, ubage ganitai lamaintai sapa weyan.
  2. Yaluwane..oyalage contacts aran mutual transfer kara dena bawata pawasa Easy cash haraha mudal wancha krma pudgalaingen pravesam wanna.

  3. Experience : 0773567xxx yana no eken xxxxxxx xxxx maruwak Sidukirimata magen mudalin 3775 rupees k esey cash magin soraganna ladi. asiri.fenaxxx@gmail.com, namin email address ekak da mohu sathuya. janathawa mula kara mudal ganna mewennan soya nisi daduwam lanka diya yuthuya.

  4. Experience : Guru suhadamaaru kirimamak karawa kiya wancha karana me pudgala soyanna . D.d..c rosxxx  HNB 1020202xxxxx. Tel num 0773567xxx

  5. Experience : One person call Rxxxxx talked to me over the phone on last xx.xx.2017; to help me to my mutual transfer which I was appear in ur site. he ask me to bank rs.2775/- and ask me to send the letter of preference to that mutual which he was said.he told that all charge will be rs.10,000/-.But I felt that he is lier and i am not deposited any cash. his mobile no.0773567xxxThis is for ur information please.

  6. Experience : I have placed an advertisement regarding a teachers mutual transfer requirement in your site. Recently I received several telephone calls from the number 0766174xxx, demanding some payments in order to release details of a suitable match to my requirement. While I really appreciate your service through your website, kindly request to take any possible steps to avoid similar misuses.

  7. Experience : My wife is a xxxxxx working in xxxxxx xxx and waiting for transfer to xxxxxx. A  person has called us to give Rs.1675/= via EASY cash to introduce a another xxxxxx waiting to transfer to Colombo from xxxx. Accordingly, we have paid Rs.1675/= to the following mobile number and since then he is not responding to the phone. 0766174xxx 

  8. Experience : I'm xxxxxx, working as a xxx at xxxxxx. Yesterday i had a call from one of your staff name is R.M.Jayasundara... Mobile No is 0773567xxx, Reg no: (PF/CO/2xxx). The above menson guy, ask from me Rs.975.00 initial payment via ez-cash and my request letter for sending mutual partner personal files and her mutual transfer documents to me. I also send the money via ez-cash to his mobile no: 0773567xxx (ref no: 18/59  20160802xxxxxx, date 2016.08.02) and i send my requst letter also to his email id : aamutualxxx@gmail.com. After i sending money and letter that guy not answer my call and no any response from him. I took a lot of to him but he is no answer.So please kindly i'm requesting you, please take any action to that man for returning my money.

  9. Experience : I'm one of DO who use your web site to publish my mutual transfer few months ago. suddenly yesterday one person called me and he said that he is calling from Mututal transxxx Pvt ltd, Battaramulla. caller ask one request letter and money (2750) deposit to Abans, Cargills food city and other few places. then send receipt and request letter through e-mail (aamutualxxx@gmail.com). After they send the other persons details i think this is also one of illegal group doing some illegal things  

  10. Experience : This is for your kind attention. Last week I got a call from a person. He said that he is calling from mutual transfer page & there is someone for my mutual transfer. He told me the structure for the mutual transfer letter. And have to pay 2275 for this no 0766174xxx via ez  - cash. And then send a scan copy of the letter and payment bill for this aamutualxxx@gmail.com.  Now they swich off the phones. They got my phone no from your site. Bcz I only apply through this site. This will also cause for your reputation. Plz inform this others as soon as possible

  11. Experience :මට කෙනෙක් කතා කලා ස්ථාන මාරුවක් හදලා දෙන්නම් කියලා රුපියල් 2775 ගන්නවා කියලා මෙ අන්කයෙන් 0773567xxx ලිපිනය කිවෙ අන්ක 43x/xx පටුමග ,පලවත්ත පර,බ්ත්තරමුල්ල කියලා.මම සල්ලි දැම්මෙ නැත .

  12. Experience :පහත සඳහන් දුරකථන අංකයෙන් සුහඳ මාරුවක්  සකසා දෙන බව පවසමින් රු 1775 මුදලක්  ආර් එම් ජයසුxxx යන අයගේ  ගිණුම් අංක 0766174xxx  easy cash කර බැර කරන ලෙස  දන්වා සිටින ලදී.

  13. Experience : Ceylonlanka.info වෙබ් අඩවියෙහි පල කරන හෙද නිලධාරී සුහද මාරු සඳහා, යම් පුද්ගලයකු ව්‍යාජ ලෙස මුදල් අය කරනු ලබයි. දුරකථන ඇමතුමක් මාර්ගයෙන් මෙය සිදු කරගෙන යයි. (දුරකථන අංකය - 0713196xxx, මුදල් බැර කිරීමට ලබා දෙන ගිණුම් අංකය හා බැංකු විස්තර - ඩී.ඩී.සී. රොxx, සම්පත් බැංකුව, කිරිබත්ගොඩ, 120054xxxxxx) මොහු ලබා ගන්නා මුදල රුපියල් 975/= කි. ප්‍රවේසම් වන්න.

  14. Experience :First of all I would like to express my thanks for u to establishing this type of site for the employees in the country to solve our transfer problems without any delay.But as far as i understood, i found a person who is misusing the site information for his persistence.Please take any legal action against this type of rascals.The incident what my didter experienced is, Two days ago one person called D.D,C. Rosxxx (071-3197xxx) my sisters phone and talked with her  about mutual transfers . And appeared as a consoler and  told her to send Rs.675/= through  P.M.T method  to KIRIBATHGODA post office as soon as possible in order to solve the problem. Though it was  the Saturday and banks were closed he has suggested to do this way to accelerate the documentary works of the transfer. After sending the money  he has requested the PIN  code ( 200013xxxxxx) and taken the money. He has confirmed it giving a call. And he further told that, to complete  a mutual transfer he need Rs. 15000/=  and  Rs.7500/= from a person ( From one party)  And he further agreed to get  that amount (7500/=)  after assuming duty. Now what has happened is , We called him several times but he didn't answered. And he didn't called her. Under this situation we decided  that he is a  forger and this type of people must be down with. I hope that u will take action against him before cheating  other people. ( Actually she has done this under the instructions  and has believed with the external people.)

  15. Experience : Thanks for your service and there are robbers acting as you, they requesting LKR 970 firstly and then 3500. for arrange mutual transfer. somebody call me and given his procedure but i am not gone to give any mony, then he comminated me telling xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx is his uncle. this information for your info and his mobile no is 0713196xxx.  but some officers may catch them because they are suffering about transfer know?.

  16. Experience :  Today someone call me & ask details about me & told me to deposit cash of his bank account.I want to know that you provide service like that. I think it may be mislead.That's why you should publish on your web site that you don't provide service like that.

  17. Experience : I made a advertisement for mutual transfer in you web site and some one has been call me and asked about my requirement. After that I contacted the said person and deposited the money his account of Rs. 675.00 as charges. However, after the day or two I was unable to contact him. His details are as follows. Name- D.D.C. Rosxxx. (contact as AA Mutxxx. Company) Tel. 0766174xxx. E-mail- aamutualxxx.@gmail.com Bank A/c details Sampxxx. Bank A/c No 120054xxxxxx.

  18. Experience : I have got called from this number 0766174194 asking money for mutual transfer .please take action on this person. as  a teacher I published details  only this site and seem to use our numbers in wrong manner. hope your earlier response
    thank you
  19. Experience : While appreciating your valuable service which supports many public sector employees to get transfer details in order to get their Transfers based on the requirements and willingness. Already I have submitted my wife's details few months back to this site and today we got a text message and call stating that the one person is willing to have Transfer as we required and in order to submit said persons details and arrangements theY expect 5000 LKR for full process. Initially that person asked 975LKR through easy cash and already arranged. Balance he expected after the transfer. After that he is not picking the phone and there is no any responses back. herewith I have mentioned the relavant mobile number for your information. 0766174xxxWe are planning to meet and inform this to relevant legal authorities for the required further actions. This is for your information And thanks for the information on this which we couldn't noticed before this incident.

  20. Experience : Admin,,I got a call from a mobile regarding a mutual transfer saying to send 975/= from easy cash as documents chargers.so also give 5000/= when the transfer is ok. he called me and my husband several times regarding the mutual.but I feel doubt on him because he forcefully ask me and my husband to send money and called day and night.and also he asked me to write the letter to send the letter to the director of the provincial over the phone then itself.he said his office number and office address too. please pay your attention for this and take necessary action immediately. other wise innocent people will face big trouble because of this faker.

Thanks for reading Frauds Related to Mutual Transfers.

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