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The Island Built on Recycled Plastic Bottles

A British DIY Robinson Crusoe has found love with a former supermodel on an island he made himself from 150,000 recycled BOTTLES.

British Artist Richart Sowa, has spent his last seven years carefully constructing an 8,000 square-foot free-floating eco-paradise by using from 150,000 recycled BOTTLES. It is Called Joyxee Island, it sits in a lagoon on Isla Mujeres near Cancun, Mexico.

Despite being 30 yards from the shore and having a base made from air-filled plastic bottles, wood pallets and sand, Richart insists his island has all the mod-cons a lady could want.

In this island a three story house, Electricity, Rain collection for running water coming out from conch shells, Three shell showers, A kitchen and bathroom, A dry compost ecological toilet, Two bedrooms, A Jacuzzi, Internet connection also available.

The house is surrounded by palm trees, mangroves, fruit trees and edible herbs and plants, which all grow from the sand and soil of the hand-made island.

Now Richart is looking to get legal recognition for the island home that he has built almost entirely out of recycled materials.

He says it is ''a way of turning the trash of the world into paradise''.

Image source http://www.mirror.co.uk/   and  http://amazingus.in/
Video Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGXTLzMxZiw

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