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Sampath Vishwa

Sampath Vishwa

Electronic Banking Unit,
Sampath Bank PLC, 5th Floor,
110, Sir James Peiris Mawatha,
Colombo 02.

Technical Support/Information
E-mail : sampathvishwa@sampath.lk
Telephone : +94 114 730 556

General Information


+94 112 30 30 50

+94 112 305 481


Facilities of Sampath Vishwa
Create your own Username and Password
Open new accounts*
- Personal Savings Accounts (Double S, Hit Saver, X Set, Sanhinda Saver)
- Personal Current Accounts
  - Fixed Deposits (For existing Sampath Bank account holders via email request)
  - NRFC Accounts
  - RFC Accounts
View Sampath credit card transaction details

Link third party accounts/credit cards to your account
Sampath Visa Debit Card
Access account information
- Account balances
- Transaction history
- Cheque status
- Stop payments
- Status of deposited cheques
Fund Transfers
- Between own accounts
- To third party accounts (Sampath Bank/other banks)
- To credit card accounts (Sampath Bank/other banks)**

Utility bill payments

Schedule payments to designated accounts and utility companies

- Cheque books
- Current account statements
- Change your password
- Change your profile appearance
Fund Transfer Daily Limits
Own Account at Sampath Bank – Rs.1 mn
Third Party (Sampath Bank) – Rs. 250,000/-
Other Banks Accounts – Rs. 250,000/-

* Conditions apply when opening an account online.
** Only HSBC, NTB, Standard Chartered Bank credit cards can be added.

*Information source sampath bank website. 


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