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Ussangoda National Park

Ussangoda National Park is situated at Nonagama In Hambantota District in Sri Lanka. There are about 20 acres. Ussangoda is believed to be the place where King Ravana lands his peacock chariot In Hindu mythology.Ussangoda is a breeding ground for sea turtles and covers both land and sea areas. The red earth forms the soil of the area and the stunted vegetation is a feature resulted by heavy sea breeze. The explanation for red soil is a high concentration of Ferric oxide in the area. It is called as Horton Place of Ruhun also.

Road directions to Ussangoda National Park from Matara

  • From Matara Bus Stand go straight onto Tangalle Road/A2 about 55.2 km
  • Turn right onto Kalamatiya Road drive straight about 700 m
  • Take the 2nd left about to - 300 m
  • Turn left - 300 m

Google map to Ussangoda National Park from Matara Bus Stand

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