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SLT Abhimaana Broadband Internet package for government servants

You are the lifeblood of Sri Lanka’s rapid journey towards progress and prosperity. As a token of gratitude for your dedication we present you with an exclusive broadband package, 'Abhimaana', which empowers you with consistent, uninterrupted, high-speed internet access at very special rates.

Startup Fee (Rs.)1000
Monthly Rental (Rs.)390
Download Bandwidth
Max2 Mbps
Min512 kbps
Upload Bandwidthup to 512 Kbps
Monthly Usage Volume (GB)1.5
Upload (Peak & Off- Peak), Download (Peak & Off - Peak)
(This is the maximum download volume during peak hours)
Free usage volume (GB)0.5
Upload (Peak & Off Peak), Download (Off Peak)
Total Monthly Usage (GB)2
Special Offers
03 email adreeses
2Mb Web Space
Additional Usage
25 cents per extra 1MB
Speed after 10 GB - 64 kbps
No additional charges after 10 GB

Employees and pensioners of the governement sector will be eligible for the 'Abhimaana' package. You will be charged Rs. 500.00 to switch from your current package to your new package ( if you opt for the special router offer of Rs. 1,990.00 the package migration charge will be Rs. 1,000.00)

Speeds may vary depending on line conditions and distance

Off-peak hours for upload and download are from 12 midnight till 6 a.m.

All we need is your National Identity Card and a letter from your employer confirming your employment with the organisation. Pensioners need to submit their Pension Card along with their National Identity Card. The Megaline connection at your residence should be in your name.

The above charges are subject to the government taxes.

Conditions apply.

Source slt web site.

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