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Reserving seat by Calling a Mobitel phone

Can only reserve Colombo-Kandy Intercity Trains From 28 Days before the Date of the trip
Steps to Follow -

1. Dial 365 in your Mobitel Telephone
2. The Mobitel Call Centre Operator will answer
3. Give your requirement and reserve your seat
4. You will receive a Reference Number through SMS
5. Show ( or tell ) this Reference Number to the Station Master ( at Colombo Fort, Gampaha, Peradeniya or Kandy ) or to any of the Mobitel Billing Centres
6. Then, you will receive the Train Ticket ( M-Ticket)
7. Your Train Fare will be added to the Mobitel Bill. 

Reservation Fee
First Class Rs. 125.00+VAT
Second Class Rs. 100.00+VAT
Third Class Rs. 75.00+VAT


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