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International Schools In Colombo

  • Alexor International College - Col-10
  • Aba Beel International College
  • Alethea International School-col
  • American International School
  • Amal International School
  • Asian International School
  • Belvoir College International
  • Bond International School
  • Brightens College
  • Buddhist Ladies College International
  • The British School in Colombo
  • College Of World Education
  • Colombo International School
  • Colombo Overseas School
  • Colombo South International College
  • Crescent Schools International
  • Dharul Uloom Academy, Bambalapitiya.Islamic Sharia Base School.
  • Elizabeth Moir School
  • Gateway College, Colombo
  • Harrow International College
  • Hejaaz International School
  • Highlands College
  • Horizon College International
  • Kingston College international.
  • Dharul Uloom Academy, Bambalapitiya.
  • Rawdha Aysha, Wellawatha.
  • Ikra International School
  • Ilma International Girls' School
  • Jennings International School
  • J.M.C. International School
  • Lakeland Inter-American School
  • Lead the Way Girls' International
  • Learningexcellence, Battaramulla (Capital City)
  • Learnium International School
  • Leighton Park International School
  • Leeds International School, Kotte(Colombo)
  • LPF Academy
  • Lyceum International School
  • Minhal International Boys' School
  • Mukarramah International School
  • The Overseas School of Colombo
  • Oxford College International.
  • Rawdha Aysha, Wellawatha.Islamic Sharia Base School.
  • Rotary International School
  • Royal Institute, Nugegoda
  • Royal Institute, Havelock Town
  • Royal Institute, Maharagama
  • Royal Institute Girls school, Maya avenue, Havelock town
  • Savana College International
  • Southgate International Academy
  • Stafford International School
  • St. Nicholas' International School
  • Willesden College International
  • Wycherley International School
  • Winway International School
  • The Victoria International College
  • Yoshida Shokanji International
  • Institute for London A/L Studies Havelock Town Colombo
  • Green Bridge International College

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