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Aluth Nuwara Dedimunda Devalaya

It is believed that the Dedimunda Deiyo is the guardian deity of the Buddha Sasana. This devale is considered a special place of worship. On Kembura days, which are Wednesdays and Saturdays people come to offer pooja and make vows to the deity. People come from many parts of the country to seek the blessings of this deity.It is believed that when King Parakramabahu II was passing through Aluthnuwara on his way to Sri Pada, he was very impressed with the place. He then decided to donate the property pattu village of his Queen Giriwasa Sunethra Devi, to the temple.

Direction for Aluth Nuwara Dedimunda Devalaya

If you are coming from Colombo side:
Come straight on Kandy road to Mawanella town  Aluth Nuwara Dedimunda devalaya is located few kilometers away from the Mawanella town. When you are traveling from Colombo to Kandy, once you pass the Mawanella town you will reach a village call Hingula. From Hingula there is a sub lane in the right hand side. Once you travel through by this sub road, you will reach the Dedimunda devalaya. You can't find the place, best option is to consult villagers by the road.

Parking available at Aluth Nuwara Ambalama
Rs 20.00

Opening Hours
Normally it opens on every day from 8.00 AM to 7.00PM

Contact Number


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