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  1. Sandya Kumuduni Adikari Now i am working in family health bureau,ministry of health as a Development officer. i hope to mutual trasfer in kurunagala ,puthlam district.pls contact no 0775288289
  2. Thushari Jayaweera I am Working as a clerk III in University of Kelaniya. I wish to get transfer university of Peradeniya. 719782091
  3. Thilini Liyanage I am working as a Mechanical Engineer in ministry of agriculture, Battaramulla. I would like to have a mutual to Labour Department or Irrigation department or any other place in southern province. 774277105
  4. SurangaI'm working at Social Services Ministry(Sethsiripaya, Battaramulla) As a KKS. I'm loking for mutual transfer Monaragala Any Department. Plz cl me or text me. (My father & Mother very old, I have to look them, Bcoz I'm only child in my family) Thnk you. 773755075
  5. sujeewa I am working pension department in Kurunagala (Ibbagamuwa ds office) I hope to micuwal trance to POLONNARUWA or Anuradhapura any department. 716126177
  6. shalika Now I'am working at Health Ministry(Head Office-Colombo 10),I need to Mutual Transfer to near Kurunegala District, CONTACT ME AFTER 7.30 P.M  713607905
  7. Anuradha I'm Anuradha presently i am working at the Ministry of External Affairs (Foreign Ministry)as a Development Officer due to my Personal matter I am keen to offer my service to the Ministry of Education.SO I am looking for a mutual transfer to the Ministry of Education. 772656533
  8. tharaka Now i'm working irrigation department in colombo 7 (Head office) as development officer. looking transfer department of examination,ministry of education, ministry of culture and art in battaramulla area. if you like pls contact me. 0772922458
  9. F.Salama i am working at Kalutara Balika Vidyalaya as a information communication technology assistant (Under the central goverment). Looking mutual transfer to Galle area office or school. 713344186
  10. Y.P Ekanayaka "Working as Midwife at Colombo,I would like to trasfer POlonnaruwa, kegalle, Matale, Kandy, Anurdhapura If you like trasfer to Rathnapura RDHS Contect me" 0715808404, 0788539121
  11. Ravee i am working at ministry of youth affairs and skills development'as a development i wont to transfer kegalle,kandy districts to any ministry or district office.if you like please contact 0717670888
  12. Ayesha Senadheera "I am a Translator ( class I - Sinhala English ) and employeed in Land Title Settlement Department Battaramulla. This institution is paying an incentive for the employees annualy. I wish to get a Mutual Transfer to Anuradhapura District.Contact me after 7.00 pm" 774597867
  13. H M N M Herath i am working as a Computer Application Assistant in University of Moratuwa. I wish to get transfer University of Wayaba, Peradeniya or Kelaniya. 784521911
  14. ss now I'm working University of Rajarata in Anurdhapura as acomputer Application assistant.I want to mutual transfer colombo district university. 719203675
  15. Nadeeka "I'm working at a Ministry in colombo as Development Officer. Looking for mutual transfer to* yatiyana  *Matara* Thihagoda *Dickwella   *Devinuvara  *Hakmana  *Kirinda Puhulwella   *Weligama or any related place at Mathara district. Please contact 0718845225"
  16. Nadee Nisansala BOC Management Trainee/EO/JEO Transfer :I am currently working as a EO for the BOC Uva Province (BOC Badulla province Office) and looking forward to get transferred to Colombo or any near area.(Management Trainee/EO/JEO grades are accepted) 772072129
  17. sameera i am a development officer. now i am working at ministry of youth affairs and skills development in colombo. i need transfer to kegalle or kandy. 710944990
  18. rifath im working Additional District Registrar in mannar DS Office.I like to taransfer puttlam or colombo 713470742
  19. chilanka I am working as a project Implementation Assistant at Government Information Department under the ministry of mass media and Information, Colombo-05.Those who are wish to work at GID pl. contact me.0714413244.
  20. M.S.D.Kosta Now I'm working as a KKS I at Ministry of Coconut Development & Janatha Estate Development(Seththsiripaya)I wish to transfer to Awissawella & Homagama.(Specially Court) 775008693
  21. Asanka  """I am working at Narahenpita as a Development Officer.I need to transfer any office in Horana. 0778704405"" 
  22. inoka dilrukshi iam working at department of fisheries and aquatic resources as a fisheries resources management assistant at maradana.i wish to transfer to eheliyagoda, rathnapura, awissawella or kaduwela. 715673720
  23. Nandani  - I'm working at Battaramulla as a KKS. Wish to transfer any office at Battamulla contact 0723029625
  24. faizal  "now working matale district court office employed i spend mutul trnsfer kandy. gampola. mawnella. kegalla. teldeniya any court plese call me" 778352779
  25. M.K.Nadeeka Senarathna මම දැනට අනුරාධපුර දිස්ත්රීක් ලේකම් කාර්යාලයේ මෙහෙයුම් මැදිරියේ දුරකථ හුවමාරු ( Phone Operator ) ( KKS ) සේවය කරමිරත්නපුර ජාතික රෝහලට හෝ රත්නපුර ඕනෑම කාර්යාලයකට සුහද මාරුවක් සොයමි. 0713369153 / 072 2123123 
  26. rasika "I am working in the ministry of religious affairs as a KKS gr in Colombo. I want to transfer to Kanday or N-eliya districtplz call -0718180082"
  27. M G I MaduhaniI'm working as clerk grade III in University of Colombo. I wish to transfer to University of Peradaniya. 0775083754
  28. ananda "i am working as a labor grade( 111)in university of moratuwa i wish to get transfer university of peradeniya or open university polgolla ,kelaniya and gampaha aruveda university ragama medical faculty thank s ." 776626227
  29. M.P.Dalugoda Now Iam working at Technical Education & Training Department, Maradana as a ICT Assistant. I want to transfer to Ministry of Education.716015100
  30. Ishanka Kongahakotuwa I am working as a trainee technical officer in university of Sri jayawardhanapura. I wish to get transfer University of Peradeneniya or Open university of Polgolla 719886981
  31. PubuduIm working at NDCU colombo as public health inspector. searching mutual transfer to badulla district. thank u.... 071-9113549
  32. K.Poorani.Sosai I am working at Ministry of Justice (High Court Vavuniya),i like to transfer to Mannar District.If you can please call me. 716193457
  33. wathsala dayarathna  I'm working at BOC A/pura city as a staff assistant.I hope to get a transfer to colombo area. 773789408
  34. A.K.P.Gunawardhana I am working as a Health Assistant at Angoda Hospittel. I Expect Mutul Transer to Anuradhapura. Contact me  Te:- 071 - 4429384 
  35. Hirushini Gamage Now i am working at BOC as a Trainee Staff Assistant at Badulla. I hope to get a transfer to near Colombo area. 0718356682
  36. charuni wijethungaI am a assistant registrar of sabaragamuwa university.I want to get a transfer to colombo area univeristy, wayamba university or kelaniya university.pls if u know some one in administrative staff of the univeristy ,inform. 718246509
  37. fde I am a assistant registrar of sabaragamuwa university.I want to get a transfer to colombo area univeristy, wayamba university or kelaniya university.pls if u know some one in administrative staff of the univeristy ,inform. 718246509
  38. M.U.GunerathnaNow I,m working at police transport division as a women police constable. I want to mutual transfer to other divisions or police hospital soon. 712111535
  39. rasika k rajapaksha i'm rasika k. rajapaksha. working as a additional district registrar (ADR) in rajanganaya DS Office Anuradhapura district. want to mutual to colombo, gampaha any DS or land office. 719958772
  40. asoka මම පුද්ගලයන් ලියාපදිංචි කිරීමේ දෙපාකොළඔ සේවය කරමිගම්පහ දිස්මාරුවක් පතමි 711509315
  41. H. M. I. Subashani  Herath "I am working at ministry of Agriculture in Badulla as a Development Officer. I hope to  get transfer to Gampaha  district" 714819391
  42. N.P Abeywickrama"  ""BOC Executive Officer Transfer"" I'm worming as a EO in anuradhapura.Willing to transfer any branch in central province." 773752775
  43. udana currently working as a development officer (economic development ministry ) in Naula( central province). looking a mutual transfer to Anuradhapura. 0774772291 
  44. S.M.NALINI SAMARAKOON I'am public healthe midwife working polonnaruwa.I'am expecting to mutal transfer to kandy,matale,nuwara eliya 712048147
  45. Mimiko Akinshi Wijesinghe..Now i'm working a University of Visual and Performing Art in Colombo as a computer application assistant. I want to mutual transfer Peradeniya University...0750648219 / 0712021250
  46. R.M.A.Rathnayaka I want to transfer to Gampaha District Now I am working Department of census & Statistices ( Finance Ministry) in colombo as a ICT ASSISTENT. 718066840
  47. duminda I am working use as electricity board in vavuniya.i wont to transfer in kelaniya aria.please contact 715650449
  48. N.A.Perera මා දැනට වැලිකන්ද මහවැලි කලාපයේ TA කෙනෙකු ලෙස සේවය කරමි.අනුරාධපුරයට හෝ මධ්යම පළාතට සුහද මාරුවක් බලාපොරොත්තු වෙමි.072-8836626
  49. Chathurika Wijeratne "BOC Management Trainee Transfer: I am looking forward to have a mutual. I am currently working as a Management Trainee for the Bakamuna branch and looking forward to get transferred to Colombo or any near area." 773838047
  50. R.M.C.P.K.RATHNAYAKA I WANT TO TRANSFER TO sewanagala/hambantota distric  i am working monaragala  library as a development officer 714470579
  51. Jayamini Iresha Now i am working in Kataragama divisional secretariat office as a Development Officer.I want to transfer Colombo any government office. 770215528
  52. V.L.SUDESH PRIYANKARA Now I am working at National Languages & Social Integration as a development officer.i am expecting the mutual transfer to hambantota district or matara district any places.0775440741
  53. D.D.Nayana Malkanti Now I AM WOrking at Ministry of Eduction(Program officer) Uva Province Badulla Distic.I Am Expecting Mutual Trancfer to Western province,Kandy,Ratnapura. 077-3528025
  54. M.A.N.Saroojini I am working as a Dispenser in Goverment Hospital at Hambantota District. I am expecting the mutual transfer to Colombo (around Homagama Base) 0174-407320
  55. දීපාල් හෙට්ටිආරච්චි මා දෑනට සේවය කරනු ලබන්නේ ඖෂධ සංයෝජක වරයෙක් ලෙස හම්බන්තොට දිස්ත්රික්කයේ අම්බලන්තොට ප්රදේශයේ රජයේ රෝහලකයමා හට කොළඹ දිස්ත්රික්කයේ හෝමාගමට ආසන්න ප්රදේශයකට සුහද මාරුවක් ලබා ගනීමට බලපොරොත්තුවෙන් සිටිමි. 0777 668985 
  56. j.p.m.p.jayasinghe I'm working in a government department in colombo as a Librarian (G 111).I 'm expecting to transfer to other institute in  colombo district. 777282785
  57. R.P.D.Pridarshani I'm working now post office in Ratnapura (RMSC). I'm expecting a mutual transfer to Colombo. 0774524364
  58. k.a.s.lakmali I'am working now post office in Ratnapura.(RSC). I'm expecting a mutual transfer to Matara district or Matara  area. 0719813966,0773124050 
  59.  R.O. Faazil "I am working as Development Officer in Kinniya (Trincomalee) in Zonal Education Office. I want to get a transfer to Colombo Area." 773403818
  60.  Dinusha Perera I am a Pharmacist currently working teldeniya base hospital I expecting to mutual transfer to Colombo area. 779573856
  61.  Jayamini Iresha  Now I am working in AG office Kataragama as a Development officer in Register department. I want to transfer Register department colombo or Embilipitiya AG office 770215528
  62.  W.H..Gunawardhane I am a internal doctor who is working at marawila base hospital as house officer.willing to do a mutual to monaragala hospital. please contact 078869922 78869922
  63.  Mrs.Jamuna Nimalan i am working in Family Health Bureau, minisryt  of Health I wish to transfer to Ministry of Science and Technology, colombo 771538258
  64. N.D. Uluviige Now I am working Technical College Ratmalana as a ICT Assistant. I Want to have a substitute. 714422630
  65. sumith kumars i am working naula magistrates cort.i want to mutual transfer to colombo,rathnapura district any cort 0773619307 / 0711829418
  66. Chandana I am working as a KKS - 1st Grade at Ministry of Co-operatives & Internal Trade. I am expecting the mutual transfer to Petroleum Industries, Transport, Higher education,sports, Finance & Planning, Education, Industry & Commerce, Land & Land Development, Foreign employment Promotion and Welfare,    773591804
  67. Rasangi I'm a document Assistant of national school in Rathnapura.i want to transfer school in palmadulla or kahawaththa or educational office 716754814
  68. Prasanthi Madusikar I am working at Homagama base hospital as an hospital attendant. i am expecting the mutual transfer to Gampaha district. 770881000
  69. Indika WickramaratneI'm working at National Aquaculture Development Authority {JM 1-1 )I want to transfer to NARA or Fisheries Ministry. 718399728
  70. M.P Shashikalal "I‘m a Pharmacist currently working Deniyaya base hospital I expecting to mutual transfer to colombo area 714794507
  71. A.K.P.Gunawardhana A.K.P.Gunawardhana I'm working now as a Health Assistant in Angoda Hospittel.I'm Expecting a Mutual Transfer to Anuradhapura. 071- 4429384
  72. udaya  I am working as a kks halawatha district court. I'm expecting a mutual transfer to kandy ,kurunegala ,matale or nuwara eliya . 724873588
  73. Isuru Sampath I am working as a Agriculture Instructor in Mahiyanganaya. I'm expecting a mutual transfer to Ratnapura ,palmadulla or Balangoda713074900
  74. Sumith kumara  I am working magistrate court naula office employment service section.i  am hopes mutual  transfer embilipitiya,balangoda,palmadulla or rathnapura ariya0715484886 \ 0773619307
  75. S.A.U. Malika "I am Human resource Assistant. I want to transfer Matara.  Now Working place Sri Lanka Railway Head Office " 071 - 6309991
  76. Chandima somarathna I am working in Maskeliya district hospital as a Dispensing officer. I hope to mutual transefer to kegalle district or avissawella area.710570730
  77. M.Y.LakminiNow I am working at Divisional Secretariat Moratuwa as a ICT Assistant. I need a transer to Galle, Ambalangoda or Balapitiya. 716770832

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