How to get a Non Acquisition Certificates

A Non Acquisition Certificate (Nopawarawa Ganime Sahathikaya) is asked from financial institutions when giving a loan by mortgaging a land or property situated with in the area of any pradeshiya sabha. This certificate is issued by the pradeshiya sabha.

Requirements / Required Documents
  • The land or the property should be situated with in the area authority of pradeshiya sabha.
  • Income tax / Assessment tax should have been paid without any arrears.
  • Land or property should not have been situated on Street lines.
  • Photocopy of the deed and the plan.
  • Name of the street / road.
  • Assessment number
  • Location
  • Name of the owner
  • Number and date of the deed.
  • Plan number and date.
Fees / Rates

Rs. 370.00 will be charge by the pradeshiya sabha to issue a Non Acquisition Certificate.

On receive of all these information the non acquisition certificate will be issue duly signed and sealed by the chairman / secretary of the pradeshiya sabha.